jade handpiece 'earth, water, air,'

jade handpiece 'earth, water, air,'

jade hand piece: earth, water, air.


Earth, Air and Water, hand piece or scroll weight




Hetian (和田/ or Hotan) nephrite jade, a very pale celadon with a little russet skin colour.



A Hetian (和田/ or Hotan) nephrite jade hand piece “Earth, Air and Water”, carved in shallow relief with a salmon, a crow’s head and an angry horse’s head; with a rock crystal pebble bead. The last picture is a ‘before cutting’ image of the raw stone.
Five years ago when I received an ‘Aberdeenshire Artist and Makers Award‘ I bought a couple of Hetian pebbles on line, I have only recently worked up the courage to work them. This one is more or less the same size and shape as a ram’s testicle. I decided to keep the cutting shallow to keep as much of the russet skin colour as possible and because every gram of such a stone turned to dust hurts. The horse has to be annoyed and bitey to fit its ears in.

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Dimensions in centimetres

Length, 11.43   Width, 4.75  Depth, 5.0 Weight, 366 grams